I have always liked to create. Perhaps it is my Odyssey of the Mind background, but I have never been content to see things as they are but what they could be. So to me paper isn’t just paper, it is the potential to be so much more.

While I have been creating “projects” (messes) for as long as I can remember, my life took a turn for the better; and the more creative when I got engaged to a wonderful man and talented artist with the last name of Blome (pronounced bloom). With a nod to my soon to be last name I decided to make Paper flowers (Blooms) as décor for our wedding. It was the most fun I have had creating and I haven’t ever looked back. My poor mom has been dragged along for the ride, but I know she secretly likes hanging out with me all day getting paper cuts and covered in paint.

Blome’s Paperie is based out of Houston, TX . All of my flowers are handmade in my studio with my mom, who is also the architect around some of my cooler projects. I am very grateful for the opportunity to pursue a field I love, and to interact with so many wonderful and creative people I have met in this industry.

-Sarah Blome