Fiesta Engagement Picnic


Perla and her fiancé had a tree that is “their tree” and Rudolph her fiancé packed up a picnic and took her to their tree to propose. For their engagement photos they wanted to recreate this moment. Unfortunately, their tree wasn’t right for photos. So Sarah McKenzie: the Photographer, Perla: the bride and I set out to Elizabeth Baldwin Park to find the right tree with a branch high enough, strong enough, and pointing in the right direction from the sun to decorate, and somehow we found it!
Perla was having a Mexican fiesta, a la Cinco De Mayo, reception but she wanted to bring iconic themes from these Mexican celebrations into the 21st century and give them a more modern twist. For her Mexican themed engagement bright colorful paper flowers were a must, but we wanted something more structured; all the fun and colors you would expect but more grown up. Perla and I spent the next few months sharing ideas and inspirations to make her photos one of a kind and wholly her own.
In the end we decided to set up a few different scenes. This was the fully themed, all out, Modern Mexican day, with nods to their proposal. We decorated the tree limb with large colorful hadn painted structured paper flowers and strings of miniature paper Pom poms (more like traditional tissue paper Mexican flowers). We used pink, orange and yellow flowers and painted chairs in the bright turquoise as a sneak peek of their wedding colors and added Novio and Novia (bride and groom signs) to herald their heritage.
A picnic scene was needed to reflect Rudolph’s proposal but we wanted this element to be softer, under styled, just enough to let people know it was a picnic, but with the focus solely on Perla and Rudolph. A decorated picnic basket and small paper floral bouquet tied into the Mexican theme but the effects was all eyes on this amazing bride and groom to be.


Photography // Sarah McKenzie Photography
Styling, Rentals & Paper Flowers  //Blomes Paperie