A Colorful Wedding Fiesta


Perla wanted, in her own words "a Mexican Fiesta". Color was absolutely necessary and we couldn't have too much of it. Her dominate colors were pink, orange and yellow, with turquoise as an accent. After giving me leave to scout the location we identified key areas to decorate at her venue and then got to crafting key elements to have the largest impact while keeping her within budget.  We attached a spray of large hand painted paper flowers across every venue opening, and suspended 600 feet of handmade streamers and traditional Papel Picados to create a true fiesta vibe. Colorful hanging paper balls accented the lounge area,   while bright yellow paper pom poms created the perfect cake cutting photo backdrop but let guest see from all sides. A large arch of oversized hand dyed flowers behind sweetheart table drew all eyes to the bride and groom.