Photo Courtesy of:  Chris Bailey Photography


Blome's Paperie specializes in the art of paper floral arrangement

A florist wouldn’t sell you flowers and wish you good luck on making a bouquet or an arrangement you like, and neither do we.  We don’t just sell you paper flowers and leave you trying to figure out installation engineering and display aesthetics leaving you stressed and regretting your decisions. We spend weeks making the paper flowers for each piece and then just as much time arranging them to perfection.

Our paper flowers are not like the others - making our displays not like the others

First we take the time to hand paint almost every flower, then some flowers get the special treatment of a hint of glitter, accent paper or some other intricate detail that gives your paper flower backdrop that little bit of extra oomph. This allows our flowers to shimmer and shine when light is directed towards them, and trust us, you'll love the effect.

Our paper flowers are also not all made out of the same stock of white paper. You would never buy an arrangement where every single flower was the same flat white with no depth or subtle shift between flowers. Our flowers are made of all types and textures of papers, all in a very subtle range of colors to give our backdrops a depth that you won’t find anywhere else.  Florists have complimented me on this display, so you can be guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.

We Take The Stress Out Of Your Event.

Our simple set up and tear down process is amazing. We can get in, and get out quickly so we aren't in the way of other vendors setting up your event.

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